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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

200 Ruppes for Depositing RS 200 Will get 21 Lakh Ruppes in Account For the skime

200 Ruppes for Depositing  RS 200 Will get 21 Lakh Ruppes in Account For the skime 

Shu tame post office ni aa skim vise jano sho?? post office ni shandar skim 200 ruppes jama karava ma par malse 21 lakh ni shahay jano niche click kari ne puri mahiti.

Ame tamara mate aavi anek skim tamara sudhi pahochadava ma madad rup thaii a siye mate tame aamne jetlo shaport karsho tetlu sharu rahe se.Mate je koi pan mahi ni ke yojana new vishe jnakari meavvi hoi to Tamara moble ma site save karo ane tamari darek mahiti melvo.

Jevi ke news ane new job ,Gk ,New application for the post. darek mahiti tamne mlava patra se.
Was. Married a second time. The second wife gave birth to a son. Ipshaitan from the sons of the first wife! Gone right before my eyes.

Saying this, the prostitute pushed him out of the house and started killing him. Considering that there are 15 acres of land. Will fall on the tr. That's how he stopped and closed the door. He came to the devil's house. V-par villa on the mother's corpse (Madda), the children were fed in a glass bowl with milk and food, which caused both of them to slow down. Said Mataji! If possible, save me even in the court of God. Died of disease.

One day his wife (new aunt) showed the neighborhood that a voice came that son! Nothing happened, I just want to make you happy. At the same time the town did this and that.

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