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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Aaj Na Teacher's News Must watch Today Paper Cutting

Aaj Na Teacher's News Must watch Today Paper Cutting

unalu vacation tamane su lage se lmbase. Teacher mate good news se ke bad news te jano aahi.Tamae southi pahela ame mahiti pahochadva magsu je sachi ane sachot hase.

Unalu vacation dvara ghana vidhyarthi o aajr ghare se ane corona na mahamari na karne teva vidhyarthi onu shekshanik karya kram pan atki gayu hovathi aaj news thi jaher thase kyare thase sala saru.

She used to come from Gujarat. But she was busy. Kalesh kankas (hair) is the only nino karima (j) on this. You and I were still sitting on the bed just twenty feet away from Kas, Kiki was refreshed. The farms became my mistake.

He had to suffer so much because of it, but after hearing all the talk, he met his mother-in-law's name and told Bhutari that he had become very sad in the satsang. That is why he has come with you, otherwise give up. That was his answer. Devotee Janaki with that satsang for a long time

Not going small. He says that by going to our satsang, the destruction of the honor of the house was not seen anywhere in the ashram.

The satsang showed how many exaggerations she made to her son. The son threatened his wife. Don't send your sister, daughters-in-law and other women to satsang and don't do it yourself. If I had done it, it would have happened earlier.

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