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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Amazing discovery by scientists, found Earth-like planet

Amazing discovery by scientists, found Earth-like planet

Scientists have made a wonderful discovery. New Zealand scientists have found an Earth-like planet 25,000 light years away. Rocks have been found on this planet. Which is different from the rest of the planets. The planet is currently not given a different name. But the microlensing that has invented it is called OGLE-2018-BLG-0677.

Scientists have discovered that the planet is orbiting a star about the size of the Sun.

Scientists at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand say that such an amazing discovery can be seen only once in a million.  1111

Astronomers say 4,000 such exoplanets have been found outside the solar system so far. Some of them are like the orbit of the planet Earth. Scientists who have discovered this strange planet say that the star orbiting this planet is so small that it is not possible to understand much about it. Therefore, it cannot be said that the mass of a star is less or more.

The planet is orbiting the Milky Way in an area where the star's population is high, scientists said. So in the future it is possible that this planet will leave its own star and start orbiting another star. "Due to the low light, it took us five days to observe the star," said Herrera Martin, author of a paper on the discovery of the planet. After observing the stars for many days, we saw this planet.

Herrera Martin, lead scientist who published the research at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, says the shape, orbit and location of the newly discovered planet make the discovery even more special. He said that the mass of the star orbiting this planet is 10 times the mass of the Sun. While the planet is between Earth and Neptune. According to our solar system, the planet's orbit is located at a distance between Earth and Venus. One year here is equal to 617 days of the earth.
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