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Sunday, October 18, 2020



Working on promoting an event can seem like a lot of trouble. Also, the choice of marketing tools is so great that I want to grab everything at once, from advertising on the Internet to distributing pamphlets to crowded places. At the same time, in any business, to develop a strategy, it is first necessary to consider the existing channels and move step by step towards the desired goal.

We provide you with a universal guide that will make the process of promoting the event more manageable, and will help analyze the results more effectively after the event.

4 ideas for using the current promotion channel
Before discussing a new advertising campaign, take a look at existing promotional channels. This may happen:

The blog

Suppose your company already has a permanent blog. Use this to talk about an upcoming event. This can be a story about an event preparation or an interview with a future speaker. Remember, a blog will attract more attention if it is complemented by photos and videos. Be sure to add a call to action so that the user can register for the event by clicking on the link.

email signature

For signatures add a bright banner with brief information about the upcoming event so that by clicking on it, the user can visit the event website. In the example below, you can see how the social media examiner team used their email signatures to promote the annual Social Media Marketing World Conference.

News bulletin

If the company already does newsletters, then why don't they include information about the upcoming event? However, do not devote a newspaper solely to an event. If we are talking about a monthly newspaper, let the incident be mentioned as part of other news. We will talk about your incident to the newspaper a little later.

Read new report 

Optimize your existing site so that they work on its keywords to become an advertisement for your event. There are many online tools to help you see the frequency and competitiveness of your keywords. If your SEO knowledge is not strong, then you should enlist the help of professionals.

Content from the last event: 3 important components
The use of video content, photos, and feedback from past events can be an effective tool to promote current events.

Promo video

Based on the content of the previous event, the video clip on GSE AV will become a clear demonstration of the upcoming event. Videos can be distributed on social networks, added to newspapers or placed on the home page of the website. It is desirable that it be bright, dynamic and not exceed one minute.

Positive feedback

The past event has a guarantee that potential visitors will be interested in the upcoming event. Put reviews in the most visible part of the site so that they are always in front of users.

Video review
Record the feedback of individual participants and speakers on the camcorder. They can be kept separately about the event or added to the promotional video. In addition, video reviews will come in handy to promote any future events.

The conclusion

As you can see, there can be many great strategies to promote an event, but to implement them effectively, try to follow three basic things:

Do not reinforce the wheel
Take advantage of existing resources, adapt them to slightly new needs. Analyze the target audience so that newsletters and targeted ads actually hit the target.

Don't try to do everything yourself

Seek help from sponsors, partners and colleagues, whose ideas and communication will greatly assist in advertising the event.

Following these simple tips, you can quickly develop a marketing campaign that is perfect for your event. Thus, you will get the required number of participants, make a profit and replenish the portfolio with another successfully implemented project.


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