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Friday, October 23, 2020

ZEDGE - Wallpaper & Ringtone

ZEDGE - Wallpaper & Ringtone

Actually, the model paper has been released by Jack Board for the matriculation examination, but the intermediate intermediate model paper has not been released yet

ZEDGE - Wallpaper & Ringtone


Per, District Education Officer, All District Primary Education Officers, All Govt. Officers, All Subjects: Changes in the planning of periodic tests for students of Std. 6 to 8 in the month of October Reference: 

 05/10/2020 (2) Correspondence No: GCERT / CNDE / 2020 / 120-150 Dt.  08/10/2020 (2) Correspondence No. of the Office of the Director of Primary Education: Prashini / Ch6 / Compilation / 9030 / 811P-P409 Dt.  31/10/2020 Mr., according to the above subject reference letter 1 and 2 in the month of October. 

 Periodic test to be conducted from 9/10/2020 to 8/10/2020 as well as Dt.  It is planned to take back the test answer books from the students in the school by 09/11/2020.  According to the reference letter-2.  Diwali vacation has been announced in primary schools from 9/10/2020 to 15/11/2020.  With this in mind, periodic test implementation will have to be planned from October 4 to 5, 2020.  From here, the test date.  Will be delivered to the district as per routine by e-mail on 9/10/2020

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In addition, all medium tests will be made available on GCERT website ( on 9/10/2020 as well as Gujarati medium test which can also be seen in the QR Code on the textbook index of that subject.  .  Test answer books from students instead of dated 09/11/2020.  Must be returned by 9/11/2020.

The LLB exam was on Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Bareilly College had an examination of 3500 students. LLB has always had a history of uproar and cheating. Due to this, strict investigation was going on in the college.

Meanwhile, in a room, the student leader was caught taking out the model paper. The student leader cut the bottom of his shoe and put the model paper inside it. However, he could not succeed in his plan due to hard work. Another student was also caught cheating in Bareilly College. Two imitators were also arrested at Moradabad, Krishna College Thakurdwara.

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