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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Dhoran 10 Model paper jawab vahi

Dhoran 10 Model paper jawab vahi

Education is the process of overall development of a child. The role of education is important and key in the development of the ecosystem, water environment, soil cover, mountains, plateaus, island nations, etc. In this context, the National Education Policy 1986 is the standard-7 in the world of education: the Middle Ages, the feudal system, the crusade, the cultural boundary.

The core curriculum (core religion - tolerance, renaissance, humanism, constitution, sovereignty, elements] was incorporated in the curriculum keeping in view the needs of Indian society, life, Delhi Sultanate, Sufi movement, cultural integration).

Government, Fundamental Rights, Citizenship, Consumer Protection, Parliament have come to weave these heartfelt elements into the textbooks. Seasonal winds, cyclones, condensation, snowfall, gradual formation are also formed, tropical precipitation, volcanoes, etc ... But education is at the end of the day. In order to make this art a reality and society needs content analysis of how much of this information is needed

Dr. Chandrakant Q. Patel, is forgotten. But (content analysis) The basic idea of ​​Deji Vishyang is conceptual, understanding and rule in the subject world. The essence of this principle of the unit is indispensable here, the key place is the heartfelt basic idea i.e. understanding is the subject matter. Education is the essence. Each subject contains some specific words which cannot be understood unless the content is specified with a minimum study level in mind.

The good side is that the teacher needs some clarity in addition to the meaning of the lesson to understand; The student also has such examples. Such words can be asked to give the word - concept [concept.] E.g., to understand the word mummy. It is necessary to clarify the beliefs about the soul, the method adopted to preserve the corpse and the things that are put together with the corresponding corpse in the teaching of sociology in the above context. And to make it quality, the determined minimum - study mummy means a spice-filled corpse is not so clear enough.

In order to make the class a reality, the teacher should keep in mind the following things: Std. The important concepts are as follows: (1) The minimum prescribed for that standard - Study Standard-5: E.S. Poo. It is necessary to get acquainted with Ashram, culture, republic, class. This requires association, association, civil, constitution, fundamental rights, equator, equator, equator, climate, mountainous region, study of the details given in the textbook. Highlands, natural resources, sanctuaries, folklore etc ...

Making a list of word concepts in the unit, Std-6: E.S. , Medieval, jajiavero, local How to clarify this concept or understanding? Institution of Swarajya, Legislative Assembly, Executive, Democracy, what information will we give? By what examples should suffrage, civil claims, consumer, consumer protection, eggmark, clarify? Thinking of things like the necessary ISI. , Galaxy, space, light year, constellation, noting will develop self-awareness about teaching. Solar family, comet, daily motion, annual motion, atmosphere.


Dhoran 10 Model jawab vahi

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