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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden’s victory finally sealed, Trump’s last attempt to incite violence fails

Biden’s victory finally sealed, Trump’s last attempt to incite violence fails

Biden’s victory finally sealed, Trump’s last attempt to incite violence fails

Trump appeals to police to co-operate: Facebook deletes Trump’s video, suspends Twitter account
Mike Pence called the violence by Trump supporters a disgrace to American history

Supporters of Donald Trump have rioted in Washington, USA. Four people, including a woman, have been killed so far in a bomb blast near the parliament complex. The mayor of Washington has declared a 15-day state of emergency in the wake of the violence.

The deaths of four people, including a woman, were
exactly what was feared after the US presidential election. Both houses of parliament worked to seal Biden’s victory here on Wednesday. Hundreds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol Hill during the counting. Four people, including a woman, were killed in the shooting. A few hours later, House of Representatives (HOR) Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “We will continue our work without fear. However, it is not clear when Biden’s victory will be formally announced. Here we are giving them updates related to this event …

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted

Prime Minister Modi said that he was annoyed by the news of Hobala in Washington DC that the transfer of power should take place in a peaceful and orderly manner. The democratic process cannot be influenced by illegal violent demonstrations.

Let us first briefly understand the whole controversy
. The presidential election took place on November 3. Biden received 306 votes and Trump 232 votes. Trump did not admit defeat even after everything became clear. He alleged that there was a massive disturbance in the counting during and after the voting. Cases were reported in several states. In most cases the appeal of Trump supporters has been rejected. In two cases, the apex court also rejected their pleas. Trump has been threatening violence in gestures during and after the election campaign. The violence on Wednesday proved that security agencies failed to understand the plans of Trump supporters.

Trump defeated in Parliament

Biden’s victory in Arizona and Pennsylvania was objected to, but Congress has rejected it. The case is further complicated by Arizona. Earlier in the Senate objected to the results here. When that was denied, the matter went to the House of Representatives. Finally here too the objection was rejected. In the Senate, Trump’s party had to listen. The proposal received 6 votes in favor and 93 against. Republican lawmaker Joe Hale had previously made it clear that he would object to Pennsylvania. He did, but he did not get enough support.

Violence in Capitol Hill
began on Wednesday with both houses of parliament, the Senate and the HOR, meeting to count the votes from the Electoral College and seal Biden’s victory. Meanwhile, hundreds of Trump and Republican supporters gathered outside parliament. Some people broke in just before the National Guard and police explained to them. Massive sabotage was carried out. There was violence. There was also a shooting during this. Who did it, why? It is not clear, but one woman died.

What’s going on right now
Rioters in both houses have been fired. MPs were evacuated during the commotion. They reached the house again. Parliament resumed its proceedings.

Trump’s biggest embarrassment is the
convening of a joint session of Congress, the US Parliament, to seal the victory of President-elect. It is chaired by the Vice President. This time Mike Pence was on this chair. Pence belongs to the Republican Party. Trump is followed by his own number. They appeared angry at the move by Trump supporters. “This is the darkest day in American history,” he said. Democracy cannot be suppressed or defeated by violence. This was, is and always will be the center of trust of the American people

Various records set at the 20th Oscars

For the first time this year, a transgender actress Daniela Vega presented the award. This year too, Meryl Streep received a nomination in the Actress category. Meryl Streep has set a record of 21 Oscar nominations, although she has won three Oscars for Best Actress.


Speech given to Raquel Shanto in sign language!

Firing in the US
Congress The New York Times reported through a photo that some police officers pointed revolvers at the rioters while Trump supporters were carrying out violence in Parliament. One woman died. However, it is not clear whether the woman was shot dead by police or whether the firing was from somewhere else.

The U.S. Army’s Special Guards were called to the scene after the incident. In just 20 minutes he took the front. Altogether 1100 Special Guards are still stationed inside and outside Capitol Hill. There is a curfew in the capital.

Facebook deletes Trump video, Twitter bans
Amid violence in Washington, Facebook has removed a video of Donald Trump from the site. The video shows Trump addressing his supporters. Facebook’s vice-president said doing so would help reduce violence. Meanwhile, Twitter also suspended Trump’s account.

Violence in the
US Parliament 206 years later Samuel Holiday, director of the US Capital Historical Society, told CNN that on August 24, 1814, Britain invaded the United States. After the defeat of the American army, the British troops set fire to the US capital. In the 206 years since then, no such attack has taken place in the US Congress.

Why the controversy in the end?
Presidential elections were held on November 3. Biden received 306 votes and Trump 232 votes. Everything was clear, though Trump did not accept defeat. He alleges that voting and counting have been disrupted on a large scale. Trump sued in several states. However the appeal of most of his supporters was rejected. The apex court also rejected the plea in two cases. Trump has been threatening threats of violence. The violence on Wednesday proved that security agencies failed to understand the plan of Trump supporters.

Why the violence today?
New President Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20. This was to be the final seal on his victory before this. That’s why the US Parliament is in session. Electoral College votes were to be counted here on Wednesday. Trump lawmakers objected to the results in some places. That was to be discussed. The debate then sealed Biden’s victory with a majority. That’s why Trump supporters chose Wednesday for the violence.

How did the violence erupt?
MPs gathered inside the US Capitol and crowds of Trump supporters were growing outside. Trump supporters smashed barricades erected outside the U.S. Capitol just after 1 a.m. Wednesday, Washington time. Some people broke in just before the National Guards and police explained to them. At half past one in the afternoon, large-scale violence broke out outside the capital. Firing also took place during thi 
When did the violence stop?
By 3 p.m., Trump supporters had stormed inside Parliament. Special Forces men were spotted pointing guns at him. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Some of the protesters went and sat on the chair of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives. The window glass shattered. Robbed the artwork. The violence, which began at 1:30 p.m., stopped 4 hours later at 5:30 p.m.

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