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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Election final data

this must exist accomplished a minimum of 10 days before the election in deતcree that any kind of omission are frequently rectified as shortly as feasible. Previously the election ns are near to start up, no substitutions are enabled.
In view of the approaching widespread elections, the council of India has enhanced its Voter Help Line to form it easier for voters to get factual evidence correlated with their voter enrollment. heck Your name in Gujarat voter list.

The range of assistance furnished by the quantity 1950 helpline has lived restored and made handily available.
Voters enrolled within the Electoral Census can verify the small print of their emotional evidence, the Voting Table planned for them to go to on polling day and understand Along g a same lines, services through SMS also can be utilized by citizens by bringing SMS at no cost until 1950.

Jamshedpur. If elections are held, the ticket talks begin. Ticket claim You get to hear things like the stampede. What is this ticket? Actually, it is Form B of Election Commission with no ticket. In Form B, the name of the party that the candidate nominates in elections and the name of an alternate

candidate are written. Below that is the signature of the party president, this is the party ticket. Form B is also accompanied by Form A, in which the national president of the party authorizes the state president to nominate a candidate. In common parlance, Form A, also known as Ticket, has to be submitted to the Returning Officer at the time of filing nomination. Both the forms have to be submitted by 3 pm till the last date for filing nomination simultaneously.

Seals of party

Out of 8747 district panchayat seats of local self-government in the state, 237 seats were uncontested. In the district panchayat, BJP got 25 uncontested seats, BJP got 92 out of 95 seats in the municipality, Congress got 2, others got 1 seat, BJP got 111 out of total 117 uncontested taluka panchayats, Congress got 5 and others got 1 sea

What was the status in 2015

If we talk about the result of the local body elections held in 2015, out of 972 seats in district panchayats, Congress got 595 and BJP got 368 seats. While others got 9 seats. Out of 4715 seats in 231 taluka panchayats in 2015, Congress got 2555, BJP got 2019 and 141 others. Out of 2675 seats in 81 municipalities, BJP got 1197, Congress 673 and others 205 seats while BSP got 4 seats. Thus, in the 2015 elections in the district panchayats and taluka panchayats, the Congress was dominating the BJP in the municipalities

The meeting of All India Sonia Gandhi Prachar Dal was held on Tuesday at Jawaharnagar on Mango Road number four. Team President Surajkant Nag presided over the meeting. He said that not all members of the campaign team will drink tea from March 12 to June 1.


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