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Friday, March 5, 2021

Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs

Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs

Coverage is the largely important

This coverage is nearly all of great consequence for setting such as unintended end and whole disability (in the formula of blackout or paralysis). You be supposed to not dispense with the likelihood of impermanent disability, which preserve raid you of your ordinary income. Choosing this top at a small outlay is a clever fiscal investment to save from harm your family from the crises that get here later.

The procedure comes with globe varied coverage

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Railofy brings real-time PNR status and train info to WhatsApp, know how it functions.

100% Confirm Travel, Tatkal Ticket, PNR Status Prediction, Train Booking


IRCTC Train Passengers no longer need to worry about PNR Status Prediction (PNR Confirmation Chances) or getting a confirmed Tatkal Ticket.


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Railofy is on a mission to ensure that no Indian ever misses a trip again.

To make rail travel simplier in Covid times, a Mumbai-based startup Railofy on Thursday launched a new feature that shares real-time PNR status and train journey information via WhatsApp to passengers.

The aim of the start-up company is to save time and provide convenience to the travellers, from searching for PNR status, train delays, live station alerts and other train related informations on multiple apps and websites.

The feature introduced by Railofy on Thursday requires the user to share the 10 digit PNR number only once to the WhatsApp number +91 98811 93322.

WL & RAC passengers can get 100% confirm travel by purchasing Railofy's Protection for a nominal fee. Railofy monitors the passenger’s ticket in the background. If the ticket is not confirmed post chart preparation, Railofy provides flight or bus at ~50% discount to the market price. If passengers prefer to travel by train, Railofy's protection also helps improve the chances of getting a Tatkal Ticket at lower prices.

Railofy also provides Train Ticket Booking for recommended trains that have a high chance of confirmation.

Developed indigenously, Railofy is dedicated to every railway passenger who ever had to cancel a trip, travel standing, pay for an expensive flight or deal with an unreliable agent.

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